Fields are the core of every domino parcours. Technically, they're nothing but lines closely next to each other that topple at the same time. But since that allows you to display beautiful pictures, fields are an essential part of domino-building. But how are they planned? And how do you topple them? I want to answer these questions here. It is particularly important to know the size of the field you want to build. In order to know how much space it will need - so that you can tell if it will actually fit in your room - just calculate it like this:


(Number of dominoes in each line) x 1.5 cm = "Length of the field"

(Number of line)                            x 3 cm    = "Width of the field"


Diese Formel ist besonders wichtig, wenn ihr ausrechnen wollt, wie viele Dominos in euer Zimmer maximal reinpassen. Bei mir könnten 15.301 Dominos als Feld aufgebaut werden, bevor der Platz nicht mehr ausreichen würde.