My dominoes!

Number of dominoes
22,324 Black
  5,460 White
  5,144 Yellow
  4,570 Red
  3,797 Blue
  2,557 Green
  2,020 Grey
  1,860 Orange
  1,500 Bright green
  1,500 Bright blue
  1,285 Gold
  1,003 Transparent
    278 Dark grey
     213 Silver
     100 Purple

Total:              53,611  Dominoes              (as of 11/04/11)




Ich own Lamping dominoes in 15 colors. Besides those 15 colors, there are 8 more for sale. (Click on a photo to enlarge it to its original size.) These are all of them:


Black is the "color" of which I have most dominoes by far. The main reason for that is that a lot of black dominoes were needed for the first TPT events and as well for the next one, TPT 2012. Current number: 22,234

Yellow was the first color I bought. It is essential for black-and-white fields as it allows shades in the bright parts of a picture. Yellow dominos I own: 5,144



I have exactly 2,557 green dominoes.

I found bright green to be an awesome domino color at once. It will be an important part in the next TPT und was therefore added into my domino collection. Bright green dominoes I own: 1,500

Blue is my favourite color besides yellow and I own 3,797 dominoes of it.

Bright blue is a good color to display a natural sky in a field, so for that purpose I store 1,500 of them.

Gold is a bit less frequently needed than the basic colors blue, red and green. But I have 1,285 dominoes of this color.


The amount of white dominoes in my collection has gone up rapidly during the last years. That's partly because white is a great color for backgrounds in field. It ranks second in my collection, with 5,460 pieces.


Red is one of my favourite colors, too. It was used for the phoenix - read more here (LINK FOLGT).


Ocher yellow...

I have 1,860 orange dominoes. They are particularly useful as a grey shade between yellow and red. More explanation on the page on techniques.


Maize yellow...

Silver is one of the colors that I only have very few of. 213 of my dominoes are silver.

Dark purple...

The color grey is especially useful to display rocks, although so far I haven't build a project that included a rock. 2,020 dominoes are grey.


Dark pink...

Bright pink...

"Transparent" is an interesting kind of dominoes. You can use them wherever you want no dominoes to be viewable. I own 1,003 transparent dominoes.

Weirdest domino ever?