2010 - Now

2010 was such an eventful year that I can hardly mention everything. But the best part was of course being at CDT in Cologne. The Cologne Domino Team is the main address for domino-builders; the head of the team, Niclas, has been organising it since 2008. It currently consists of 23 members, and I am one of them since 2010. That first CDT was the highlight of the year for me - it is every domino builder's ambiton to get there since it's the biggest annual event in the domino world. Today, our record is 125,104 toppled dominos.

It was thanks to Alex that I got to join the team in 2010. Although it was "only" a week that I spent in cologne, it was the greatest thing in my entire domino career. The mere fact that there were other "freaks" out there made it worthwhile, I never laughed that much in one week and enjoyed being around "like-minded" people.

Like awesome times usually do, the week passed really fast and I left with mixed feelings because I didn't want it to be over already. But I could already look forward to next year.


But first I visited Alex in the winter of 2010. While we were building two crazy Builder's Challenges (video), we came to think of making this an annual tradition. And no sooner said than done - we have a meeting every winter now. At the same time, an idea for a new video was growing in my mind, way too big like usual... The 70,000 that I initially planned for the screenlink I had in mind soon shrinked to "just" 25,000, but it was still a nice project. However, people critisized that for my Builder's Challenge, I had simply set up four lines and then looped them eight times in the video. In retrospect, I have to admit I could have done that better. I am extremly perfectionist, that's why building that screenlink took so long: I spent more than 2 months on it, and the result was a video that was more than 2 minutes long.


Also, another TPT was made, with the theme "Harry Potter". It was by far the best event we had done by then. Out of 25,000 dominoes, 23,964 toppled. There already is a theme for 2012 and the planning is finished.

When I turned 18 a few months later, I got my first Full HD camera. The first project it filmed was a spectacular one - my new field record. It consisted of 12,240 dominoes and displayed a labrador. You can watch it here.

On July 27, it was finally the day to travel to Cologne again. The 4th CDT was going to be set up there. It was once again a great pleasure to meet all the domino builders again. There were new members, too, one of them Tim, who originally wanted to visit me after CDT, but that didn't happen because he had a world record to organise. A big "CONGRATS" to him again for the record he did manage to set. Time flew just like last year, the ten days felt much shorter than ten days. We set up 155,555 dominoes, but only 125,104 toppled; one reason was that the Challenge, built by Tim and Davy, failed and resulted in more than 15,000 dominoes not toppling. But the same thing could have happened to me in 2010 - luck just wasn't on their side.

When I was back home after CDT, I applied for YouTube partnership. It was more of a hit or miss thing, I didn't really expect to be accepted, but three days after I applied, I actually received an e-mail confirming me I was a partner now.


The drawbacks of success!

I was lucky to become a YouTube partner on August 18 of 2011. But at the same time, I faced something that really bothered me. Someone had created a fake account and sent messages to domino builders on YouTube asking for donations so that "I" could buy 10,000 dominoes. The channel he had opened looked almost exactly like mine. I was glad that the issue was resolved - nobody had donated, and those who wanted to were prevented from it by their parents. I'm happy that the end of the story was that the channel was banned from YouTube.


MINECRAFT boosting my channel!

When I uploaded my Minecraft Special on 03/08/2011, I had no idea how many views and subscribers this actually rather simple video would get me. Within a few days, my number of daily views grew to an average of 20,000. I gained about 100 subscribers per day. It was an awesome time and I hope that other domino-builders will have such a good luck, too. Dominofan0803 had, with his screenlink to celebrate Britney Spears's birthday. The winter of 2011 was a very productive time and it also included another visit by my domino colleague from Saarbrücken. We built some BC's, all of which of course worked on the first attempt... *cough*...


So that's it from me. I hope I could give you some insight into my domino-toppling past. Who knows what the future holds, but I will certainly keep making better domino projects, because...


"Stop improving and you stop being good." - Philip Rosenthal