to everybody coming around on my website here. It is all about the little plastic tiles made famous by Domino Day.


So on the following pages, I present myself and my work from 1999 until today to you. Yes, that's right: I already got into domino-toppling back in 1999. More about that can be found here.


Also, I'm going to reveal some of the tricks that I learned or developed in all those years. One of them is the black-and-white technique that makes it possible to create monochrome images despite using colored dominoes.


Last but not least, our domino group has a place on this website. TPT consists of Tobias D., Philipp, Tobias, Tobias W. and Jochen. New members will join us this year.


But for now, I hope you have fun browsing through this website.



You can as well find me on YouTube. If you're interested, watch my videos here::

English translation of this homepage by Annodomino